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2017 Upcoming Meetings
April 8, 2017

The Mills Farm 2017 Annual Meeting was held on Saturday April 1st at 10:00am at Valley View Chapel at 858 Nadenbousch Lane. Thanks to all who came out to support the HOA and provide valuable feedback and discussion.  Agenda – Minutes to be posted soon.

The 2017 board meetings are set for June 3rd. August 5th, October 7th and December 2nd.  These are also set at 10:00am at Valley View Chapel unless otherwise noted here. Please come out and join us. Meetings are open to the Members of Mills Farm HOA

Spring/Summer Reminders – 2017
April 21, 2017

As Spring and Summer 2017 roll in, it is time to take a look at the condition of our Community.

During a recent neighborhood walk through inspection a few items were obvious that need some attention in order to maintain our Community’s pleasant appearance as well as increase our property values.

Coventry Group has been tasked with periodic inspections at which point Violation letters will be sent out. This is just a friendly reminder.

The main items to focus on are:

  • Trash cans need to be out of view except for days of pick-up.
  • Lawns need to be mowed and front yards must be kept uncluttered and well maintained, including mulch, shrubs and bushes.
  • If you are planning major work including decks and/or fences or painting, please be sure to complete and submit the ARC form found under Documents/Architectural Change Request Form.
  • In the town homes section, no boats, trailers or recreational vehicles are to be parked or stored on the premises.  If they are kept in your garage out of sight this is acceptable.
  • Please clean up after your pets in your yard and all common areas. Leash laws need to be followed.
  • Park only in designated parking spots, primarily this means your driveway or garage.  The HOA prefers that residents refrain from parking on the roads.  In the town home sections avoid taking up more than one vacant space as these should be left open for visitors as well.  Utilize your garage and driveway for parking. All cars must have up to date tags and inspection or are subject to being towed out of the neighborhood at the owner’s expense.

Thank you!

2017 Raise in Assessments
January 20, 2017

The HOA has received some communication that the raise in the HOA annual assessment and the change in due date for the HOA has caused some questions.  As a result the Board of Directors wants to let the association members know that they may contact the managing agent – Coventry Group – at 540-535-0816 if they need to set up a payment plan or make arrangements for the payment to be sent in later than the due date of January 31st.  The ability to set up payment plans has always been an option from the new management company and we want to make sure that all the members are aware of this and know this is an option. Please see the posting below for details about the raise in dues from last years Annual Meeting.

Mailbox Cluster on Aztec
December 11, 2016

If you still need keys to your mailbox on Aztec Drive please contact Coventry Group directly to get this taken care of.  Once payment is received the keys can be mailed out to the owner who is responsible to get a key to their renters if applicable.

2016 Annual Meeting Saturday – April 9th – 2017 Raise in Dues
August 4, 2016

The 2016 annual lot owners meeting was able to bring on two new members onto the board of directors.  We want to thank Greg Haltman and Wael Balaa who have volunteered to join the board.  We would also like to thank Deborah Fessler who served on the board and has asked to step down at this time.

Many issues were discussed and the Board is looking to finish the front entrance sign this Spring as well as begin to mulch the playgrounds that are in desperate need of some sprucing up.  There are a number of stop signs that have been damaged and replaced recently.  Please report any vandalism of the signs or common areas to the police immediately.

Another item discussed was the need to raise dues and the Board voted 5 to 1 to raise the dues to $300.00 a year.  This is primarily due to the recognition that the HOA roads are the responsibility of the association to maintain and this future expense will be a priority matter.  Fortunately we have been able to keep legal cost down this year and hope to continue in this manner.  The invoice for 2017 dues will be mailed in January and due on the 31st of the month, but the ability to set up a payment plan through the management company is available for all owners.

Welcome to your website!
December 9, 2014

Coventry Group Community Management, Inc. is happy to welcome you to the Mills Farm website. From here you will be able to find pertinent information about your HOA including governing documents, the latest news, meeting minutes. You can also pay online at the Pay Your Dues tab.